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phoneWhether you are new to Jazzit or a long-time user, here are useful resources for using Jazzit.

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  1. Online Resources: Access to password protected support website for template updates, support articles and videos.
  2. Total Bundle Support: in addition to Online Resources, you have access to our Jazzit support team via email, toll-free phone and remote assistance.

Preparer Resources

We are pleased to make the following resources available for all users.

As a user of Jazzit, you have unlimited and free access to our Jazzit Forum. Use all the existing resources we've uploaded, or ask questions in a forum discussion. Yes, we hang out there too so you'll see us pop into conversations from time to time: Jazzit Forum.

In addition to our Jazzit Forum, we have a number of bulletins and videos to help you with various aspects of your Jazzit experience. Enjoy!

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- - - JI FUNDAMENTALS - - - icon youtube Numbers coming in reverse on FS
icon youtube How do Windows regional settings affect the Jazzit templates? adobe pdf Copying detailed maps into your client file
- - - FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - - - icon youtube Draft Statements based on Mapping
icon youtube 9 column Financial Statements adobe pdf Exporting CaseView to Excel
icon youtube 1-9 Column Implementation adobe pdf CaseWare files opening in the wrong version of CaseWare
icon youtube Adopting CSRS 4200 in Jazzit Fundamentals adobe pdf Changing leadsheet order
adobe pdf Auditor's Report icon youtube Combining map numbers in the financial statements
icon youtube CaseWare Consolidation Feature adobe pdf Creating master files
adobe pdf Comprehensive income adobe pdf CaseWare new version upgrade
icon youtube Get this Note from another file adobe pdf Page numbers not starting at "1" in the financial statements
adobe pdf Dash position in the financial statements    
icon youtube Setting a draft stamp    
icon youtube Inserting an Excel object into the Financial statements    
adobe pdf Foreign exchange in the financial statements    
icon youtube Linking Generic Notes to the Statements    
icon youtube Enabling Landscape Headers & Footers for 1-9 column statements    
icon youtube Financial Statements Home Menu    
adobe pdf Interim financial statements    
icon youtube Key Performance Indicators    
adobe pdf Municipality balance sheet    
icon youtube Notes menu options in the financial statements    
icon youtube Option to net balances recoverable/payable on the balance sheet    
adobe pdf Information on style files (STY), fonts and underlining    
adobe pdf Prior period adjustment procedure with example    
icon youtube PSAB Financial Statements    
  Public sector support in Jazzit Financial Statements    
adobe pdf Regional settings affecting rounding in financial statements    
adobe pdf Rounding diagnostic in FS when diagnostic threshold is too low    
adobe pdf Inserting schedules    
adobe pdf Linking Additional Schedules to the Jazzit Financial Statements    
adobe pdf Script engine error when loading financial statements    
icon youtube Section Headings Options    
icon youtube Dealing with Statement Spill-Over    
adobe pdf Style sheet (STY) or cell group format (CGF) error in the financial statements    
icon youtube Inserting subheadings and subtotals in Jazzit Financials    
icon youtube Adopting CSRS 4200 in Jazzit Fundamentals    
icon youtube Moving to the CPA Designation in the Jazzit Templates    
- - - WORKING PAPERS - - -    
icon youtube Account analysis working paper    
adobe flash Adding additional securities to Marketable Securities    
adobe flash Early payout on the Jazzit loan calculator    
icon youtube Jazzit Diagnostics Report    
icon youtube Loan / Lease Calculator    
adobe flash Marketable securities working paper    
icon youtube Specified Foreign Property on the Marketable Securities working paper    
- - - JAZZIT SUPPORT - - -    
icon youtube Jazzit Support Resources    


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