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Jazzit Fundamentals

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Jazzit Fundamentals

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Electronic Letterhead

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Pricing and popular product options

We offer three bundles based on popular selections for various size firms. Your initial purchase of Jazzit Fundamentals (Jazzit) and future annual support costs are based on the number Jazzit licenses in your firm. A Jazzit license is required for those individuals who prepare or review client files as well as letter signatories (typically partners). These bundles offer you a saving versus a-la-carte orders which are also available.

When you purchase Jazzit, you are granted the right to use the product indefinitely for the number of licenses you purchased including with 30 days of support and access to updates to the templates for one year. Annual support and maintenance for Jazzit is approximately 25% of the original license cost.

We recommend Help Desk (toll-free calls or email our support team) for the first year using Jazzit as this will provide one full cycle completing year-end engagements. We also offer personalization options for Jazzit such as integrating your firm letterhead and electronic signatures. These are extremely popular given the trend toward a paperless environment and the elimination of preprinted letterhead. While it is more convenient to add these options at the time of your initial order, they can be easily added on at any time in the future. Future updates do not overwrite this personalization.

Annual support fees are calculated by the number of Jazzit licenses. There are two options:

    • Online Resources provides access to our support website including Jazzit template updates or

    • Total Bundle includes Online Resources as well as Help Desk. Over 75% of our clients choose Total Bundle to quickly resolve Jazzit related questions. We can also help you pinpoint whether an issue is related to accounting, CaseWare Working papers or Jazzit. Since Jazzit links to CaseWare’s various databases it is vital the file is setup properly in CaseWare.


If you are looking for purchasing options other than our bundle packages, please click the button below to customize your order.


Time to take a closer look at Jazzit

Your personalized Jazzit presentation will highlight the key benefits of incorporating Jazzit templates into your practice including: integration, roll forward, diagnostics, and updates.


What training or online resources are available to help me get started with Jazzit?

We have a number of videos on our website for your staff to view:

      • Have a look at our Getting Started area for videos and basic tutorials.
      • View a number of bulletins and videos to help you with various aspects of your Jazzit experience.
      • Visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted.

We also offer educational training webinars throughout the year.

Of course you have the free 30 days of Help Desk for getting started, which we really want you to use.