Getting Started with Jazzit Fundamentals

slider-overview-demoSo ... you've made the decision to take advantage of Jazzit templates (wise choice!) and are wondering how to get started.

FIRST, have a look at our YouTube overview video. This breaks down the main components of Jazzit.

Training and Webinars

Check our Training page often for upcoming training courses and online webinars.

Installing Jazzit Fundamentals

In the information we send you after you purchase Jazzit, you'll receive an email with links to Jazzit install executable files (refer to the email instructions to install).

Adding Jazzit Fundamentals to Your Client Files

Copy. Import. Map.

(click each graphic to open our instruction video)

Switching to Jazzit TemplatesImport Accounting DataMapping the Trial Balancegetting-started-4-step


There are 3 steps in creating a client file. This process needs to be done only once for each client as you transition your file to Jazzit templates. In subsequent years, Jazzit rolls forward the ending balances to become next year’s opening balances.

Getting-Started-step-1-copyStep 1:
Copy Template; Setting up the Document Manager
Getting-Started-step-2-importStep 2:
Import Client Trial Balance; Getting the Accounting Information into CaseWare
Getting-Started-step-3-assignStep 3:
Assign Mapping; Mapping the Accounts
Use CaseWare’s “Copy Components” function to copy the desired Jazzit templates and mapping structure into your client files. We provide the master files to copy from. Import the client's accounting data into your CaseWare trial balance and engagement properties.  The Jazzit templates will then pull information into the working papers, letters, and financial statements based on the assigned map numbers in Step 3. Jazzit uses a simplified mapping chart.  Our mapping structure helps to reduce the time to map the accounts and provides feedback regarding which GIFI code is being assigned to your accounts (to be exported to your T2).

In addition to the above information, Jazzit also has a number of bulletins and videos to help you with various aspects of your Jazzit experience: file preparer User Resources

Adding Jazzit Financials to Your Client Files

This short video will show you how you can quickly add Jazzit financial statements to your existing CaseWare client files.

slider adding to client files

Adding Jazzit Checklists to Your Client Files


This short video will show you how you can quickly add Jazzit checklists to your existing CaseWare client files.

slider checklists adding client file