Regional settings affecting the Jazzit templates

slider-regional-settingsHow do Windows regional settings affect the Jazzit templates?

Here are a couple of scenarios where the regional settings in Windows will affect the presentation of the Jazzit templates.

Scenario 1 – Incorrect date format displayed in the templates

The date in Jazzit letters will sometimes look different than what is expected. A letter typically uses: Month, day, and year (4 digits). In the example below, the engagement letter is using a 2 digit year and uses dashes in between each date element (MMMM-dd-yy). Normally we want a date that uses a 4 digit year and uses no dashes (MMMM d, yyyy).

newsletter-regional-setting-01 Long-date-format


To fix click on: Start button > Control Panel > Region and Language

newsletter-regional-setting-02 get-to-regional-settings


For windows 10 click on Start button > Settings > Time & Language > Additional date, time, & regional settings > Change date, time, or number formats

newsletter regional setting 01a format

In the Region and Language window set the Long date format to MMMM d, yyyy. Then click ‘OK’.

newsletter-regional-setting-03 set-long-date-format


The engagement will now display the correct date format.

newsletter-regional-setting-04 correct-date-format


Scenario 2 – Negative numbers displayed incorrectly

Negative numbers can be displayed in brackets or using a dash symbol. For example “$(50.00)” or “$-50.00”. The default presentation for Jazzit templates is with brackets “$(50.00)”. In the GST reconciliation below we see that the negative numbers are incorrectly presented with a dash in front.

newsletter-regional-setting-05 incorrect-negative


We must return to Region and Language. (Start button > Control Panel > Region and Language) Click on Additional settings.

newsletter-regional-setting-06 additional-settings


Click on the currency tab. Change the ‘Negative currency format:’ to ‘-$1.1’.

newsletter-regional-setting-07 currency-tab


Negative amounts should now appear correctly with brackets.

newsletter-regional-setting-08 correct-negative