Jazzit Checklists

Jazzit-Logo-Checklists-TemplatesWhat can be easier? Just use copy components to add Jazzit Checklists into your existing CaseWare files. No need to start new CaseWare files to add your Jazzit Checklists.

Jazzit Checklists combine practical tools with licensed content from the CPA Canada to help practitioners complete efficient and cost-effective engagements. 

The templates can be installed and updated centrally. No need to install on every workstation.

Updates for your Checklists can be downloaded from our website 24/7 with a click of a button.

Jazzit Checklists are available as an annual subscription. 

CPA Canada requires that you have a current CPA PEG and/or PACT subscription.


Working with the checklists

  • Easy to use, learn, and adopt - ask our clients!
  • Use copy components to add Jazzit Checklists into your existing CaseWare files
  • Date stamping indicates a newer version is available
  • One button easy updates
  • Selecting Y/N for a procedure completes the initials and date automatically
  • Insert, sort, delete procedures quickly
  • Skip unused procedures
  • Quick links to sign off, adjusting entries, and trial balance
  • Ability to include leadsheet information if desired (2 year and 1-5 year comparisons, % and $ variance)
  • Multiple working paper references
  • Electronically sign completion of engagement checklists
  • Interface consistent with Jazzit Fundamentals


Managing the checklists

  • Easy to manage, key preparer options can be set globally
  • Can be centrally installed
  • Lockdown content, if desired, so preparer cannot edit procedures
  • Edit checklist procedures
  • Create unlimited custom checklists using one of four generic formats
  • Interface consistent with Jazzit Fundamentals