Thank you for dropping by for a virtual cup of java with us. If you were unable to attend our online “Jazzit with Java”, we have made the video and slides available at the links below.


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Items we discussed in this webinar:

The Good Stuff (tips and tricks to be more productive using Jazzit)

  • Group Cleanup for Assets Working Paper
  • Normal sign
  • Financial statement footers
  • Generic and single column
  • Generic two column
  • Generic three to five column

What's Fresh (we go over recent changes to Jazzit that you will want to see)

  • Show closing cash balance on marketable securities wp freeze frame
  • Newly organized addressee area on letters
  • Additional letters new home menu and open/close unused sections
  • Diagnostic when rounding to a zero balance accounts in the financial statements
  • CSRS 4200 management letter

We answer your questions