CPA PEG Programs and Checklists

Jazzit-Logo-Checklists-TemplatesWhat can be easier? Just use copy components to copy Jazzit PEG checklists into your existing CaseWare files. No need to start all your files over again to add PEG checklists.

Jazzit Checklists are powerful templates with licensed content from CPA Canada that, along with the Jazzit document management tools, help practitioners perform efficient, cost-effective compilation, review and audit engagements.  Templates update from the Jazzit Checklist Resource Centre.

CPA PEG ChecklistsWe provide Jazzit Checklists for the CPA PEG (Professional Engagement Guide). Our programs and checklists templates are easy to use, easy to update, and easy to install. Our templates have a patented easy update process, a critical point of difference. New updates for your Resource Centre can be downloaded from our website 24/7 with a click of a button.

Our Jazzit Checklists are available as an annual subscription. Any changes to the programs and checklists will be provided to our clients online.

Our Jazzit Checklists work with the latest version of CaseWare.

CPA Canada requires that you have a current CPA PEG subscription when purchasing the Jazzit Checklists.

User Benefits


  • Just use copy components to copy Jazzit PEG checklists into your existing CaseWare files.
  • Easy to use, learn, and adopt
  • Date Stamping allows you to know if there is a newer version available in the library
  • One button easy updates
  • Double click feature to enter or clear initials and checkmarks
  • Access to consistent standardized updated templates
  • Ability to insert new procedures quickly
  • Quick links to sign off, adjusting entries, and trial balance
  • Easy access to any documents in document manager
  • Ability to choose between 2 year and 1-5 year comparisons
  • Automatic variance (% and $) analysis with links to the trial balance in CaseWare
  • Working paper references can be added quickly
  • Helps manage a paperless office
  • Consistent interface as Jazzit


Administrator Benefits


  • Easy to use, learn, and adopt
  • Patented update process
  • Centralized master files
  • Ability to lockdown content if desired so preparer cannot edit procedures
  • Ability to edit Programs and Checklists procedures
  • Programs and Checklists Resource Centre accessible from any location
  • Create unlimited custom Program and Checklists using blank additional Programs and Checklists templates (4 formats are provided)
  • Consistent interface as Jazzit
  • Can choose column selections
  • Clear or retain all checkmarks and working paper references on roll forward